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author's miami book fair interview

Author Interview at the LATFoB 2023

Relive the magic of the LA Times Festival of Books 2023 as we reflect on the captivating author interview with William Epps Jr, the brilliant mind behind “Living in a Dying Land”. Discover the inspiration, themes, and creative process that brought this magnificent work of art to life in this unforgettable event.

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In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation is a book filled with discovery and enlightenment. Giving a two-view of the Old and New Testament, Dr. William Epps takes us on a trip through the Bible, conveying what the scriptures offer in the plan of salvation.

Dr. Epps’ book takes us into a variety of scriptural-related subjects that shed light on God’s important messages. Check out his book trailer! 


In this episode of “Books of the Month Show”, Dr. William Epps shares his journey and inspiration of writing the book “In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation.” 

He shares narratives of his experiences and ultimately what propelled him to write this book.  Having earned his degree in biblical studies and a Doctorate in Religious Education, William continues to share the word of God. 

Watch this interview and get a glimpse about the life of Williams Epps and how this book came to be. You can also purchase his book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

In his latest TV appearance on the Books of the Month Show, Dr. William Epps discusses his two works, “In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation” and “Peace and Happiness: Behold He is Coming,” and how he wants the youth to learn from these books.

He describes Christian growth as God-centered and further explains why it is significant for the youths to become spiritual adults. Having understood what a Christian life should be, he explains that carrying our cross to follow Jesus means letting go of our old selves with our sinful inclinations and surrendering to Him. Living holy is relevant to spiritual progress.

Learn more about William Epp’s life, how these books came to be, and what to expect from them in this 28-minute in-depth yet entertaining interview.

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Dr William Epps Jr. talks about his awe-striking two views of the Old and the New Testaments narrative In Search Of: Old Testament–Solid Foundation.

Dr William Epps Jr.appears as a guest in This Week In America with Rick Bratton, talking about preaching and teaching that enhance Christian education and Biblical knowledge about Jesus Christ in his book, In Search Of: Old Testament–Solid Foundation. In this 20-min-depth interview, Dr Epps shares how he makes a trip to both the Old Testament and the New Testament to convey what the Bible offers as a plan of salvation, making him put together his light-shedding book.

Dr. William Epps Jr. appears as a guest in This Week In America with Ric Bratton, sharing his book, “In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation.” 

In-depth and profound, Dr. William Epps Jr. sits one-on-one as a guest in a 20-minute interview in the show, This Week In America,with Ric Bratton.

Dr. Epps shares his experiences as a Master’s degree holder of Biblical Studies and Doctorate of Religious Education as well as insights from his book, “In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation”, discussing concepts about the two testaments found in the Bible. 

Watch and listen to this comprehensive interview and cast a brief look at Dr. William Epps’ two views about the Old and New Testament through his awe-striking book.

In Dr. William Epps Jr. ‘s follow-up interview on “This Week in America,” he talks about his inspiration and objective behind his second book “Peace and Happiness: Behold He is Coming.”

In the 21-minute interview with Ric Bratton, Dr. Epps Jr. shares that in searching for something in life, we have to put our all into it and trust that there is always help ready for us at the end of the tunnel. He further explains his mission of bringing as many people as possible together, spiritually prepared for the upcoming endpoint, when man and government will be destroyed, and God will set up His kingdom on Earth.

Find out how Dr. William Epps Jr. gained his own peace and happiness in life by watching the full interview.

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